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Our ultra absorbent, eco-friendly diapers — made with naturally derived, plant-based & sustainable materials — are extra soft, hypoallergenic, free of chlorine processing and additives (like fragrances, lotions, and latex). Totally Chlorine-Free (TCF) Wood Pulp, Absorbent Bio-Core, Plant-Based PLA (Inner & Outer Layers), Non-Toxic Adhesives.
  • Made mainly of natural, food grade, plant-based materials
  • Made without: chlorine processing, latex, lotions, fragrances, gluten, most common allergens, phthalates, optical brighteners, heavy metals, or organotins (MBT, DBT, TBT), and the like
  • Natural super absorbers
  • Breathable; Hypo-allergenic; Fragrance free
  • Natural super absorbers
  • Innovative 3-layer design helps your baby stay drier, longer
  • Exceptional comfort and fit
  • Super soft lining 100% corn-based non- woven fabric
  • Waterproof Outer; The Bio Film used is extremely waterproof, natural and compostable
  • Less CO₂. As our products are made of ingredients sourced from the nature, CO₂ are not emitted while those ingredients being produced. They absorb CO₂ to the contrary and do not use depleting petrochemicals detrimental to the global environment.
  • Biodegradable. When the biopolymers in our products rendered unusable are buried underground, they are biodegraded by microorganism in soil and returned to soil. The speed at which they are biodegraded varies depending upon the type of containers and environmental conditions like microorganism in soil etc.
  • Plant-based (PLA) inner and outer layers — gentle on your baby’s bottom
  • Super absorbent core with fluff pulp harvested from certified sustainably managed forests – NO chlorine processing or harsh chemical bleachesSimply pure — no fragrances, lotions, or latex
  • No printing on the diaper to eliminate the using of ink
  • Comfy-stretch side panels and soft, refastenable tabs for perfect fit and wigglability!
  • Securely fitting moisture barrier cuffs help prevent leakage and blowouts
  • Gentle, safe, and non-irritating for sensitive skin
Packaging Details
  • Size S / Newborn / 6 - 13 lbs / 40 pieces 
  • Size M / Infant / 9 - 20 lbs / 36 pieces 
  • Size L / Toddler / 15 - 35 lbs / 32 pieces 
  • Size XL / Junior / 26 - 55 lbs / 28 pieces