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About Us

We, Green Living America, aims in sustaining great physical health and strives hard to preserve environment by adopting viable agricultural practices along with sourcing the most natural possible inputs in the process. We are extremely attentive to the minor details regarding the manufacturing and packaging of our products to ensure provision of in toxic, environment-friendly consumer goods to our customers who can use them without any second thought and stress.

Moreover, we also transmit knowledge regarding the perks of using environment-friendly products and the dangers of incorporating chemical material based products on potential human health risks and on environment in general.



Green Living America considers advocating the robust and vigorous lifestyle for everyone as their biggest mission. To meet the purpose we promote the use of the most natural and plant-based products which ensures concrete health benefits and works perfectly for the environment too.


We embrace a broader vision and believe in the belittlement of dangerous elements present in the surroundings. By focusing more on reusing instead of wastage, we ensure less environment pollution and minimal adverse effects on individual’s health and body.

Experimentation and exploring latest ways to achieve the mission is our key to enhance the ways through which the better possible procedures of enhancing the health can be unveiled.


We are true professionals with firm belief on legitimacy, expertise, truthfulness and principles. We feel selfless love for the human kind and dame nature.


A reliable product is an outcome of relentless efforts made from the scratch for its production. Whether it’s the raw material, process technique, packaging or handling, all stages require intensive care to deliver what we call a quality product. We at ‘Green Living America’ make sure to get the full natural benefits out of the environment which results in less pollution and preservation of artificial resources.


By replacing driving and flying procedures with manual travelling ways, we try to play our environment friendly role with accomplishment. We also make sure to use renewable technology wherever possible.


Similarly we give priority to the warehouses techniques which embrace daylight and ensure diminished electric use.

Green Living America strives hard to look for the working partners who believe on the same ideology as we do. We select our vendors and suppliers located close to our manufacturing unit, which automatically curtails the cost and brings efficiency. We boost our consumers to opt for bulk buying in order to avoid speedy shipping.

We try to accommodate ground shipping procedures as air shipping usually impacts six times more disastrously on the environment. However, customer’s facilitation and comfort is our top of the list priority and we do opt for air shipping too at the time of urgency and need.   


Our major offerings include plant-based diapers and wipes, children’s dinner ware and many other Eco friendly and plant-based consumer goods which ensure ultimate safety and protection to our families and loved ones.