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Natural Children's Tableware Set - Made from Corn-based Material

Green Living America Co.

Natural Children's Tableware Set - Made from Corn-based Material

$ 25.99
Note: this special price is only for NEW customers

Salient Features:

  • Non-toxic and biodegradable - a green initiative by Green Living America to ensure your child’s safety and also environment’s safety
  • Natural and Safe - the table set is made of PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) and processed from corn starch, no synthetic chemicals like BPA
  • Ink free - worry free
  • Kid friendly shapes and colours - designed for babies and toddlers, helps to eat food without spilling, ergonomic grips for little hands
  • Heat resistant - works very well at wide temperature range like -20/120o Our product is microwavable, oven and hot water safe, suitable for dishwasher also
*****Best Value for Money*****

Product Description:

For all the moms who worry about their kids’ eating habits, we present you a fun-filled solution. It is a cute tableware set of 3 for your kids and perfect for toddlers. The set contains bowl, cup and a self-training spoon. Train your toddler to drink from a cup. It is a hit among kids as they’ll love the color and frosted handles. The handles give good grip to small baby hands. So they’ll not only enjoy the meal but also get trained with table manners.

Why choose us? We offer a safe, eco-friendly and kid-friendly product for such an affordable price. Ideal for gifting and keeping children healthy. It is made of BPA free corn starch material which doesn’t harm children; even if they start chewing on the cup or spoon. The corn starch PLA is perhaps the best alternative to plastic as it is 100% free of any harmful artificial chemicals which are likely to spoil child’s health. They not only are safe for kids but also to the environment as the material is biodegradable.

It is very light in weight; so we guarantee that your kids enjoy eating with our premium tableware set.

Ensure and Insure kid’s good health! We recommend it for 2nd stage kids and older.

Note: Do not wash it in a dishwasher or sterilizer. Can use with microwave and boiling water.

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